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May 29 through August 7


In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

Summer of Good Works is an initiative to live out Matthew 5:16 – glorifying our Heavenly Father through the good works that Jesus calls us to do.  As a believer, God has gifted you to fulfill this call.

Every partner of Encounter Church in encouraged to step beyond the walls of the church building and step into serving our community in the name of Christ.  There are many good works to be done.  Visiting those who can’t leave their home, planting trees in our town, a block party that brings joy to your neighbors, -- a myriad of possibilities.  Encounter is committed to supporting our partners in this initiative through prayer, guidance, supplies, and financial support were needed.

How you serve is up to you; individually, two or three joining together, as a family, or in a small group.  Glory to God as His church body rises up in this Summer of Good Works.


Project Ideas

This is not an all-inclusive list of all possible ideas or strict categories.  You can always create your own.  Use this list for inspiration as the Holy Spirit helps you craft your Good Works project.  Do as many as the Lord leads you to do.


  • Mowing someone’s yard (one time or for the season)

  • Set up a “Little Library” box in your yard and fill it with books

  • Serve at a homeless shelter

  • Volunteer to serve at LifeLine Ministry

  • Clean the house of someone who is sick

  • Pay for loads of laundry at the local laundromat

  • Offer free front porch photo sessions for your neighbors and their families

  • Commit to handing out one Gospel pamphlet a day to strangers


  • Have a yard sale to raise funds to buy electric fans for those in a season of need

  • Block party for your neighbors

  • Take a family in need on a back-to-school shopping trip

  • Serve the elderly in your neighborhood

  • Share vegetables and flowers from your garden with neighbors

  • Garage sale or bake sale to raise funds for a local ministry

  • Offer childcare for a mother's or parents' evening out

  • Invite moms and their children for a picnic and play-date in the local park


  • Take cookies or food to a shut-in

  • Write cards to your neighbors

  • Help kids to read or learn math for summer education

  • Play cards or board games with other senior adults who do not have family


  • Write cards to people who live in nursing homes or in Ukraine

  • Take care of pets for people out of town

  • Free lemonade stand

  • Leave treats on the front porch of your neighbors


  • Volunteer to help at J.A.M.

  • Adopt a street or area to clean up

  • Plant trees (See the city’s Pubic Works Department)

  • Weed, plant flowers, and do minimal landscaping for a neighbor in need

  • Wash someone's car

  • Make handcrafted cards and write a personal note of encouragement in it and mail to a friend or family member

  • Paint rocks with bible verses or messages of kindness and leave laying around at a local park or your neighborhood

Hand out bottled water at a public event or park

  • Build a ramp at someone’s home

  • Donate clothes and other household items to a shelter

  • Assemble small kits with snacks, personal hygiene products, and other essentials to give to the homeless

  • Do Christmas caroling in July

Tips & Guidance

Here are some ideas and suggestions that can help you plan and organize your Good Work.  This is not a hard list of rules.  Just use the ideas that you may find helpful.

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in selecting, planning, preparing, and carrying out this Good Work.

  2. Find a Bible verse to be your motto and encouragement through your project.

  3. Plan for lots of time.  Your project will take twice as long to plan as you think it will.  It will take twice as long to complete as you think it will.  Plan to give yourself enough time to do a good job.

  4. Bounce your idea off other believers and glean their perspectives.  Ask them to pray for you too. The wise seek good counsel.

  5. Get a journal, notebook, planning binder, online organizers, or something to organize your thoughts and plans.

  6. Write down dates and times you will do your Good Works project.  Plan back-up dates in case your project is postponed due to weather or other circumstances.

  7. Make a list of all the items you will need.

  8. If you need a Summer of Good Works Grant from the church, make sure to apply in advance.  See “Grant Guideline” for complete details.

  9. Get a list of equipment that you will need.  The church has tables, chairs, coolers, and other items on a fist come basis.  See “Available Church Supplies” for complete details.

  10. Rally others to help. Even non-church members can help you as you provide as example of what it means to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

  11. Look for ways to speak a good word for Jesus and maybe share some of God’s teachings. We are not suggesting a full gospel presentation. Not every project will provide this opportunity. However, as you are speaking to people you could mention why you are doing this Good Works. The church has resources such as Bibles, copies of John, tracks, pamphlets, and other materials that you can put on a table at your project if you like. See “Available Church Supplies” for a list of available printed materials to hand out for free. Ask God to give you eyes to see, ears to hear, and courage to be bold when He leads someone to you.

  12. Take pictures to share with others to spur them on in their Good Work. Share a 3 or 4 minute testimonial on Sunday morning about your Good Works project.


Available Supplies

Here is a list of items that the church can provide you for your Good Works project.  Please be aware that items are limited and provide on a first-come basis.  See an elder to coordinate pick up of these items.

Please note: Borrowers are responsible to request, pick up, transport, and return equipment as clean as provided.  Please return any unused supplies.   Please email an elder of the supplies you need and the date(s) that you will need them.


  • Bibles

  • Copies of John

  • Gospel Pamphlets

  • Various Apologetics Pamphlets

  • Invitations & Church Info Postcards


  • Church Pens

  • Church Reusable Grocery bags (limited amount - until they are gone)

  • Church Shirts (green shirt) (limited amount - until they are gone)


  • 6’ Rectangular Folding Tables

  • 8’ Rectangular Folding Tables

  • 5’ Round Folding Tables

  • Folding Chairs

  • Food warming trays

  • Heavy duty extension cords

  • Popcorn Popper

  • Gaga ball pit (will need at least a pick-up truck to transport)

  • Set of corn hole boards

  • Drink coolers and hot beverage containers

  • Griddles

Grant Guideline and Application

The elders of Encounter Church would like to back your Good Works project with a grant up to $250. There are some rules and requirements. Please read all the guidelines below before you submit your application.

1.) You must be an active partner of Encounter Church and at least 18 years old.  A parent/guardian can apply for a project carried out by a minor(s) however, the parent/guardian is still considered the responsible party.


2.) Only one $250.00 grant per household.


3.) Grant applications must be submitted at least two weeks before your Good Works project, for elder approval and grant distribution.  The final application date for the summer is July 25, 2022. Application submission and elder approval must be acquired BEFORE your Good Works project begins to be eligible to receive a grant.


4.) Grant distribution can be handled one of ways.  After you have submitted an estimate for the needed funds BEFORE your project begins, you can choose to:


  • Have a check made to you in BEFORE of your Good Works project for the estimated cost of expenses.  Any unused funds must be returned to the church.  If your expenses were more than your estimate but under the $250 total, then you can request reimbursement for the balance from the elders.


  • Have a reimbursement check made out to you AFTER Good Works project for the exact cost of expenses.  If you choose this option, you still must apply for funds two weeks before your Good Works project and have received approval from the elders before your project date.


5.) Regardless of the grant distribution method that you choose, all receipts must be turned in to the elders upon completion of your project.


6.) All funds must directly benefit someone other than yourself.  You cannot use funds for your personal gain. (Example: You cannot use the funds to buy yourself a new grill for a block party and then keep the grill.  However, you can use the grant to buy the food for your block party.)


7.) All funds must be used for items that honor God, His church, and respectively represent Encounter Church. These funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, medication, or gambling products. These funds cannot be used to purchase illegal items or items given to someone who cannot legally posses such items.  These funds cannot be used to purchase immodest outer clothing or clothing with slogans contrary to the Word of God and His Spirit.  These funds cannot be used to purchase inappropriate books, publications, music, movies, or other inappropriate media.


8.) The Elder Board of Encounter Church possess the right to approve or deny all grants at their sole discretion and without explanation.

Grant Application


  • Gather an estimate of how much money you need. (Only one $250 grant per household.)

  • Be ready to answer all the questions below.

  • Read and understand the Grant Guidelines above.

Thank you. Your application has been submitted to the elders. Approval could take up to two weeks.