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March 6, 2022

I Give You My Word


The Sermon On The Mount Series

Bill Reynolds


Matthew 5:33-37


Looking at our words. How valuable is your word?

It’s ok as long as not too much

3 parts

  1. Doing for God what we promised  v33

  2. Understanding swearing  vv34-36

  3. Our word  vv37

Application for Today

Make your word your bond.

If you say you are going to do it, then do it

1) Are there any triggers that cause you to make a vow you cannot keep?

a. Fear

b. Disappointing others

2) Is there a pattern to look out for? 

a. I’ve done it, but actually starting right then

b. “I forgot”

3)Who are you around? 

a. If you feel its necessary to not speak truth around them, should you be?

4)Understand the value of a vow

a. Like saying “Sorry” all the time robs the value of apology

b. Using “Love” for many thing robs the value of the sentiment

5)Understand the promise

a. As Jesus promises us our salvation and security in Him we should view our vows in the same light

b. Think through a promise before you make it. Ensure

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