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January 9, 2022

Overcoming Trials & Temptation


(Topical Sermon)

Dan Horton


Matthew 4:1-11


Main Idea:

The word of God triumphs ove our trials and temptations

1.) Trials and temptations have no power over us.

2.) The first set of lies

       - You shouldn't suffer.  You are a child of God.

      - You don't need God.  You can do life on your own.

3.) Jesus never used His devine powers to meet hos own needs

       - instead he uses His powers to help others.

4.)  The second set of lies

      - God is not always hee for me

      - I can test God, or manipulate Him

      - God calls us to a life of faith, not a life of sight.

5.)  The thord lie.

      - The stuff of earth is more vauable than God.

6.)  Steps toward having the word of God.

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